This too shall pass

I’m not surprised that you don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, I just don’t think that very many people, especially your age, would be able to keep up with you. You know you are and you know what you want to do. Your eyes light up when you talk about your passions, and you’re not afraid to defy social norms and be who you are. And all this, this scares people.
— The best compliment I’ve ever received.  (via thatkindofwoman)

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I’m about to make you fall in love all over again.”
“What about you?”
“What about me?”
“Are you going to fall in love with me all over again?”
“I never fell out.
— Love him forever when he tells you this (via fallingforhimeveryday)

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"I’m so humiliated, I thought that he loved me."
Isn’t it fucking terrifying that no matter how many promises they made, no matter how long you’ve been together, someone can get up and walk out of your life without a second thought and you have to carry on living because the world doesn’t stop for any of us
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i like it when the sky looks like the world is about to end

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